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May 13, 2005

Coordinating unemployment

You know, it is hard not to be too cynical sometimes when politicians have articles published in major newspapers. Take today in GP where Lena Hallengren, the Social Democrat government's Youth Minister, describes youth unemployment as a serious problem needing urgent attention because of later consequences. The unemployment rate is, somewhat naturally, higher among the 18-24 year-olds than the total market. OK, good and well, unemployment is a root of many problems. But, what does the minister in her wisdom propose?

A "national coordinator" to find ways to make it easier for youths to get into the workforce. Along with a 10-point plan including all sorts of wonderful state sponsored measures like places for long-term unemployed youths (?) at schools, special "individual handling plans" at the reknowned (for being totally useless) unemployment service, job seeking training etc etc.

Glaring by its omission is any idea of GROWING THE ECONOMY so that employers will start demanding more employees. The only suggestion that comes near it in the 10-points is "encouraging more youth to start their own companies", like that is going to solve much... Sure, companies need starting but there are few 20-year olds who want to start their own right off the bat. Even this suggestion is relegated to failure by planning a three-year course in entrpreneurship... the government teaching innovation, what next?

The simple fact is that it is expensive to hire people, the economy is hindered by over-regulation and it is not in companies interests to take the risk of employing new people. Of course the inexperienced are the first to lose out in a tight market.

Of course, encouraging businesses to grow is not part of the Social Democratic plan. If the government isn't responsible for it then it can't be good. It is axiomatic. It is also moronic.


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