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April 28, 2005


OK fellow countrymen, you are a bunch of wet rags...

On the eve of Anzac Day, a Sunday Star-Times/BRC poll has found 24 per cent of New Zealanders would not take up arms - assuming they were fit and able to do so - even if another country was invading. Seventy-two per cent said they would.

More surprisingly...

The pacifist instinct extends evenly across the age groups, with only 3 per cent more people aged 60 and over prepared to go into battle than those aged 18 to 59.

Why are the oldies more prepared to do it??? Probably because they didn't have a limp-arse education.

An even 50 per cent would fight if New Zealand's vital economic interests were threatened or to help restore democracy in a country important to our interests.

Of course, if you aren't going to fight for yourself, you sure as hell aren't going to go and fight for a friend are you?


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