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April 14, 2005

When safety nets crumble

When safety nets crumble - Institute for Liberal Values: "... What horrifies me is that the West has not learned the lessons that are so cruelly taught in the former Soviet block nations. They believe that a slower form of creeping socialism won't have the effects of full-fledged socialism. They believe that some socialism can work provided you don't let it get out of hand. But they forget that the incentives created by the system they establish is why their socialism gets out of hand. They reward need and punish ability and then wonder why need increases in spite of their plans, programs and policies ... "


  • Along with also skewing one of the evolved langauges of human society: the price process. Not that it is a definitive process in all its many conveyances, but that by significantly effecting the price process by means other than market conditions: the knowledge conveyed is altered. In the extreme: with central price fixing -- oblivious to the dynamics taking place amongst -- literally all of those of the world.

    Admittedly, contemplating this dynamic takes in quite a swath of evolved human behavior for it to have relevance for what actually takes place. Yet, by going back to extreme contrasts of theorized examples, fortifying their conception by imagining it any other way, and building forward for imagery of the dynamic: there's relevance or difficulty in imagining it any other way; while still paying heed to the characteristics of the subject matter, e.g., we're human, despite what we may say, we generally act in our own selfish best interst -- hopefully leaving the margin to religion or the state -- so that the bias of our station, aka, seeing the world from our own necessarilly prejudiced eyes, is helped towards the recognition of our own inherent falibility; due to the limits of our own comprehension.

    If the subject matter is consumed by the margin: there's no subject, or the moral validity of the individual action has been absconded, hence leaving the consequences to those of whom have directed the action, above and beyond individual agency. Which, amongst many other examples, is commonly aspired towards by many; leaving the responsiblity for the plight of a peoples enmass in their own hands, as in, a people get the government and religion that they have shown capable of abiding by -- for better or for worse, yet they're inclined to impose on others, instead of allowing for choice, that others may operate within the same strictures.

    Negatively, as in: what you can't do, that's fine and dandy; people generally know what is just, considering the vistas of their understanding. Yet, we always move forward; precipices and the abyss notwithstanding, therefore we always need clues, references to related previous examples, to guide our action.

    We've come from the before, we ride the crest to the future. We're fault ridden, limited in our understanding defacto. We try to make due in our humility, knowing, amongst many other things, that doing nothing is a choice, doing something, better possibly, worse still, we're in a void, yet we do have agency, we're forced to choose.


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