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April 12, 2005

Swedish woman confesses to terror-aid

Last summer a Swedish woman was arrested in England on terrorist charges of some sort when she was caught carrying 148 passports through Stansted airport after landing from Göteborg, Sweden. At the time she claimed innocence, that she was trusting friends and carrying the bag for them, the article said she did it for a non-Swedish man who was known to police. There must have been something going on as both British and Swedish security services raided her abode near Göteborg. The police were waiting for her at the airport in England. Well now she has confessed, or at least pleaded guilty at the hearing...

Svenska erkände terroristbrott
Swede admits terrorist crime

... Hon visste att de falska dokumenten och de 148 passen låg i hennes väska den 14 juli. Syftet var att någon annan olagligen skulle använda dem. Det har misstänkts att de var avsedda för islamistiska grupper i Storbritannien...

... She knew that the false documents and the 148 passports were in her bag on the 14th of July. The were intended fir the illegal use by someone else. It is suspected that they were intended for Islamic groups in Great Britain...

The only mention of the purpose of so many illegal passports is that passing mention about Islamic groups. There has been no reference to who the woman is, e.g. indications of her motives, as is common in Swedish reporting... no mention of ethnicity, religion, politics etc. But what is not mentioned is usually more enlightening than what is said in these articles.

Her lawyer is hoping for a light sentence, hopefully around two years, maybe three, and not the maximum 10 years available to the judge. That's OK, because the terrorists probably wouldn't have used fake passports in any attempt to kill anyone of course.


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