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April 05, 2005

Stupid Growth

There is from the OC Register, via John Ray, a good article on the anti-choice "Smart Growth" or "New Urbanism".

From the NZ Greens, there is a confused article about why people should not choose to live where they choose and drive what they want. Every reason under the sun and more as to why you should live boxed into the area you work. The ultimate sentence:

For those who are asking, what difference can a nation of 4 million make on a planet of 6 billion hell-bent on destruction, well we could make a difference for 4 million New Zealanders, and the world is crying out for role models. And our children and grandchildren deserve nothing less.

World hell-bent on destruction, do it for the grandchildren. Hello? Chicken Little? Yes, this is your sky-is-falling call.

As for me. I live in a city where the public transport is pretty good. But I am moving out to a more suburban area. Why? Because apartment life is constrained. Everything outside the apartment is communal, there is nothing that you are responsible for so ultimately no one is responsible. Everything turns into a tip, leaving the condition of the area up to the nature of the caretaker. And transport is a pain in the bum, even with regular services it is uncertain, inconvenient and generally dirty. Give me a patch of land and a car any day and the choice to use it.


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