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April 04, 2005

Skateboarders for peace

It seems respect is a little lacking these days. I guess the thought that the man lying beneath the tomb might be their grandfather or great-grandfather never occured to them. But I imagine there are many thoughts that don't occur to twats like this...

Unknown Warrior's tomb desecrated by 'cretins'

Less than five months after the tomb was unveiled in Wellington as a monument to New Zealand's war dead, skateboarders have ridden over its brass cover, causing deep scratches and nicks in its granite platform.
"I would like to get my hands on the cretins who did this," National War Memorial assistant curator Martin Thompson said yesterday. "They are brain-dead cretins. They have no respect. Obviously the person below us died so they could skate all over him."
The damage happened between 4.30pm on Saturday and 11am yesterday, when he arrived for work at the war memorial. Police said their only chance of finding the offenders was to catch them in the act.
Mr Thompson said the incident was the most serious of many acts of disrespect since the tomb was unveiled on November 11. Mountain bikers had ridden bikes up and down the stairs, and people had walked on the grave and spilt drinks over it.
Though some thought had been given to installing barriers to keep skateboarders and other miscreants away, Mr Thompson said the tomb had been designed to be accessible at all times, even when the war memorial was closed.
He said the bronze would have to be buffed to remove the scratches before being polished again. He could not estimate the cost.


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