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April 15, 2005

Racist icecreams, or would you grow up already!

Oh good grief...

The Center Against Racism in Sweden has complained about an icecream. The ice cream is called "Nogger Black". It is called black, because, well, it has licorice in it and is very black.

The 'Nogger' series of ice cream has apparently been produced since the 70s.

Now, why is it racist? Take a look at the advertisement. See how the product name has been written in a sort of graffiti style? See how Nogger looks a lot like Nigger? That is why. Graffiti style => graffiti only done by blacks (of course) => Nogger looks a lot like Nigger => racist. According to some twat by the name of Stig Wallin at this Center Against Sanity. I shit you not. What does the company say?

"We take criticism seriously, even if it appears to be a little bit of a stretch" says Petronella Warg of GB (very dimplomatically to say the least.)

Now. Nigger is not Swedish, the closest term is "neger" which means black. I have no idea what Nogger means, but a root word like "nog" or whatever has absolutely nothing to do with colour (nog usually means "enough" or "adequate" etc). So a rather outdated English term is supposedly being used to subtly suggest racism in Sweden for the purpose of selling an ice cream. One has to ask... why the hell would a company use racism to sell ice cream? I mean, how on earth would it work in any way, shape or form?

Who pays these people???


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