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April 15, 2005

Party blogs

Looking ahead to the election, the NZ Greens have started a blog. It is called "Frogblog". No idea what the frog thing is about, the green colour maybe.

In their own words they have a blog now because

“This is the latest initiative in our strategy to communicate directly with voters, building on our fantastic, award-winning website and email newsletters tailored to readers’ interests.”
“Our highest support comes from 18-25-year-olds, but these young New Zealanders get their information in different ways from older voters. Morning daily papers and Morning Report are out, news websites and blogs are in. Our challenge, therefore, is to find ways of talking to them which are relevant to their lifestyles.”

I'm not sold on the idea of official party blogs. They are clearly never written by a single person with total control unto themselves, quite reasonably they can never be that. Unlike a regular blog where an individual is spouting their own opinion and linking what interests them with not too much regard what anyone thinks, the party blogs tend to be a watery effort at the same thing. Worse, they tend to act as an echo-chamber for the faithful or a magnet for loonies, no more meaningful debate is achieved beyond that which is found in the other party organs (eg the NZ Greens have their own forum on their party website). I think what I am getting at was demonstrated in the US elections, with the Dean wing convincing themselves of victory around the mobilisation of the youth through the magnificent new medium despite an eventual crash and burn to Kerry. They also have to be kept well up-to-date otherwise the whole thing is just lame, this new one seems to have started out with a bunch of ready posts dumped on the first day but it remains to be seen how it is maintained and if it rises past sophisitical and snide posts like this one.

Mind you, it is probably one of those advertising things. Being seen not doing it is worse than doing it badly.


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