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April 12, 2005

Parade of the Moonbats, NZ (non)style

Via Poll Dancer, here is a series of photos taken during a demonstration against the NZ National Front. Apparently someone left the asylum door unlocked, resulting in a bunch of crazy leftists yelling at another bunch of crazy leftists while marching around Parliament. The author seems it strange that the neo-Nazis are getting all class-struggle and hopes noone tells them Marx was Jewish... seemingly unaware that Hitler was of course something of a Marxist theorist himself. Anyway, the best pics are...

The bogan front, what do you mean "not very classy"? Of course we have no class, we're socialists just like those guys!

Apparently Nazi chicks are just as stylistically challenged as communist chicks.

Leftist spotters guide: Anarchists et al are found of covering their faces, Nazis apparently aren't. We recommend they all cover up, the whole ugly bunch. And stay home. Out of sight.

Hello Mr. Anderson

Obligatory drum, and what on earth is on that sign?

Diversity Yes! Except the bits we don't like!

"Fascism is so last century" next to "Socialist Worker"? Oh the ironing!

It's OK to bash him, he's only a Nazi.

My god socialists are ugly!

How many Palestinian tea-towels are there at this parade? And just what does it have to do with NZ? Oh wait, Hamas et al are ideologically fascist, so it is cunningly ironic to wear these things at a protest against neo-Nazis.

Is this a school project? Seriously, why do these knuckles always have one regulation school-backpack each at these events? I guess Mum was kind enough to pack them all playlunches.

White sheets? No idea sorry.

Is there a Protest Warrior chapter in NZ yet?


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