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April 11, 2005

Multi-Memo Sweden-New Zealand synchronicity

The Stockholm Spectator has an amusing piece about Dagens Nyheter not quiet managing to separate Terri Schiavo and Patti Scialfa in an article about the former.

Now, we’re not sure how “Terri” became “Patti” but we have theory (bear with us). Ever since he joined the MoveOn PAC’s Vote For Change Tour, Bruce Springsteen has been the darling of Dagens Nyheter’s arts and leisure pages. Indeed, Sweden’s paper of record has taken every opportunity to report on Bruce and Co.’s attempts to influence the outcome of the 2004 U.S. presidential elections (e.g., here, here, here and here).

This segues neatly in another fashion. The Schiavo case became sidetracked by a memo from a Republican staffer while the 2004 election was attempted to be sidetracked by a memo from a loon. Powerline has been accused of not retracting their accusations about the former, while those in New Zealand tittering over Powerline once pondered on the latter, buying the fake-but-accurate meme but never mentioning it again even after it was plainly discredited by Little Green Footballs, all after citing Daily "Screw Them" Kos as useful a source on Iraq. And was that an actual non-satirical reference to Scrappleface???

Life is great.


A comment on the original Spectator article links to this 2002 letter from Mona Sahlin, then Minister for "democracy, integration and equality". It is only in Swedish, but is a "love letter" to The Boss, with excerpts:

I grew up with the Vietnam movement. "Crush, crush USA imperialism!" Have you heard that? No, probably not. But the USA was something I hated - and at the same time was so fascinated by. Black USA, Woodstock but also Nixon, Watergate and morality.

But I think that for us Swedes you stand for that we inside want to be. A real rebel, an individualist, [here she left out mad communist idiot] one who shows happiness and sorrow without shame. After September 11 our love for you grew. The world became so different after the deaths in New York and then in Afghanistan. But the USA also changed. The arrogance came back. The super-power idiocy too. And I almost wanted to go out on the streets and shout "Crush, crush USA imperialism!" again.

The rest is just as nutty. How, oh how, does a Minister get away with writing steaming piles of crap like that? It isn't hard to see what state European politics is in when such tripes pervades the halls of power. By the way, Ms Sahlin is still a Minister.


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