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April 11, 2005

Feminist Initiatives

Well the new Swedish political party is underway, the Feminist Initiative. From Göteborgs Posten, not a conservative paper by any stretch of the imagination, we get an idea of the general feeling...

Jag och många andra borgerliga feminister hellre skulle låta oss representeras av - nästan - vilken liberal gubbe som helst än av Schyman och hennes hangarounds i Feministiskt initiativ, skriver GP:s Malin Lernfelt i sin krönika.

I and many other liberal feminists would rather be represented by - almost - any liberal bloke at all than by Schyman and her hangers-pn in the Feminist Initiative, writes Malin Lernfelt in her column.

As well as, in a column provocatively titled "If you have a dick, you are wrong"...

Huruvida Gudrun Schyman går en ny vår till mötes låter jag vara osagt. Däremot kan man utgå från att hennes nybildade parti, Feministiskt initiativ, precis som alla vänsterpartier, kommer att erbjuda både sol och vår, skriver Peter Hjörne i sin krönika.

Whether Gudrun Schyman brings a new spring to the meeting I won't comment on. On the other hand, one can assume that her newly built party, Feminist Initiative, just like all other leftist parties, will offer both sun and spring, writes Peter Hjörne in his column.

Gudrun Schyman is the ex-leader of the Left Party (formerly the communists), who has in the past proposed blanket taxes on men for violence against women while conducting her own financial affairs in a less than socialist manner (cough, tax evasion, cough).

Luckily, all this is going to damage one of the leftist parties...

Fight for leftist voters

...Bara en sak är säker. Feministiskt initiativ är en genuin vänsterrörelse, fastän den försöker luras och framställa sig som tvärpolitisk...

... Only one thing is certain. The Feminist Initiative is a genuine leftist movement, despite attempts to deceive and present themselves as politically "many-sided" ...

According to a survey last week, the new party had 3% of voters being very certain of voting for them and a further 10% thinking it quite likely. Fortunately, 36% of these votes come from the Left Party and 30% from the Environment Party, both of which are part of the governing coalition lead by the Social Democrats. Very few come from the liberal parties, so it is possible that the fracturing occuring on the left could destroy one or two of the minor parties and possibly allow a liberal victory next year. All to be taken with a grain of salt of course, I very much doubt that the new party would actually receive 13% of the vote, but hopefully the fracturing will go on!

Some commentators are not that happy about how one member of the new party has been financing her campaigning...

Susanne Linde är en annan av kvinnorna i ledningen för Feministiskt initiativ. Hon har varit sjukskriven i flera år för utbrändhet - utmattningsdepression. Mer utmattad har hon inte varit än att hon orkat resa runt i landet och kämpa för feminismen. Ekonomiskt har det inte varit några problem. Vi har alla som skattebetalare bidragit till hennes sjukersättning.

Susanne Linde is another of the women in the Feminist Initiative leadership. She has been on sick-leave for many years due to burnout - "fatigue depression". She hasn't been more fatigued than now by travelling round the country fighting for the feminists. Economically it hasn't been any problem. We have all contributed as tax payers to her sick-leave.

Sick-leave allowances are very generous in Sweden, particularly it seems if you are starting up a new party!

If you are interested, the manifesto of the party can be read at their website. The juiciest piece is (from the English version)...

Swedish gender politics have hitherto been based on a view of equality as a non-zero sum game, meaning that women’s conditions can improve without affecting those of men. Feminist Initiative builds its politics upon an analysis, which makes it clear that women’s subordination results from the privileging of men. Therefore, men must agree to relinquish their privileges.

So there you go. You see men must be punished in order to advance women. Pure and simple, at least according to the analysis from which they have built their policies.

Oh and they address the sick-leave business in their FAQ. Apparently it is all according to the rules, so there.


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