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April 25, 2005


Obviously you won't here anything about it here in Sweden. Luckily for me I had no ancestors on the beaches at Gallipoli, by luck of timing for them. But my grandfather and his brother were pilots during the WWII, with the later spending time in a German POW camp. Fortunately they both lived to tell the tales. What would the world be like without a generation that was prepared to do this, to stand up to madmen bent on murdering millions? War is hell, sometimes it is necessary, the outcomes are unpredictable and costly. But the alternatives are, in many cases, a whole lot worse. I have no time for blanket statements of peace at all costs, it is either a statement of deliberate ignorance or a thinly disguised desire for "someone else" to win regardless of the nature of that someone else.

Fortunately people at large do seem to recognise the sacrifices that were made by their elders...
Record attendances for Anzac parades

With many a Kiwi taking in the services in Turkey...
"It's important to see what our forefathers gave up," said Anna.

Of course, ANZAC day isn't solely for rememberance of the failed Gallipoli campaign, but for all veterans and those involved from former conflicts. The lessons of unpreparedness are lost on some these days, as they have been at all times, or maybe they are really not at all interested in peace...
Peace Action Wellington: War mongers at Te Papa [Museum].

And, naturally, never let a significant day go by without the opportunity to score political points...
Howard puts beach barbecue before NZ

The barbecue is for the Australian commemoration, how odd the Australian PM would choose to attend!

Then get in some cultural grandstanding...
Turks under fire for bid to ban haka at Gallipoli

Errr, the Turk's are organising. I think it is up to them to say what goes. It reminds me of Athens olympics when some dopey NZ woman (Moana I think) got all huffy because her Maori group wasn't allowed to do some particular ceremony or performance at some ancient Greek site. The hilarity was provided by her deriding the Greeks for cultural insensitivity in not recognising "indigenous" cultures, while demanding to disrespect the wishes of an ancient culture in its homeland at a site that is thousands of years old. Really, grow the hell up.


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