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March 24, 2005

Women... they just can't help themselves.

Why are women/girls prone to falling for rapists and murderers? The explanation is provided in an article in Göteborgs Posten...

Excitement can attract women to murderers

According to Sven Å Christianson (psychologist at Stockholm University) the poor creatures just can't help themselves. He isn't at all surprised that they, particularly younger women, fall for convicted rapists and murderers. It's the excitement you see, the possibility of "saving" someone perhaps, and gosh darnit some of the men are just so charming! Women lack the knowledge to understand how fucked up these men are apparently.

I managed to miss the article about locking women away during "that time of the month" and not giving them the vote because they are prone to hysterics.

Christ what a load of arse. Who in their right mind is attracted to a convicted rapist? Rapist = not nice to women, I am a woman, therefore ... kiss me?

Q and O has a post about some women who do appear quite able to discern the intent of murderers and deal with them in the appropriate manner.


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