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March 22, 2005

Right to life

After many weeks of doing the rounds on blogs and news sites elsewhere, the Terry Schiavo case has made it to the backwaters of the world. For example, a search on Göteborgs Posten for Schiavo gives one article. The main NZ news website has two. All within the last couple of days, notably only after the federal government stepped in. Most seem to be incensed about interference in state matters, it is bizarre how these little papers get all picky about US constitutional law sometimes. Then there are the likes of this from Harldy News, apparently incensed by the lobbying of the right-to-life groups. As far as I can tell, it is all because it is W doing the meddling in state matters... nary a peep when the Dems do it of course. But Q and O set it out very well in two short articles...

Here comes da (federal) judge
Killing Terry Schiavo

Basically... She left no will. She is not dying. Why should the state be allowed to kill her by withholding nutrition when they would be unallowed to kill her by, say, lethal injection. She is dependent on others, as are many other people who are not dying but are incapacitated. All this without any mention of the motives of the ex-husband.

I agree. Where there is doubt, let her live.


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