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March 01, 2005

The petulant whines of washed-up journos

When an article begins like...

George W Bush har varit på charmoffensiv i Europa. Leendet klistrades på direkt när han landade på europeisk mark men försvann troligen när han kunde dra sig tillbaka i presidentsviten i Air Force One.

George W Bush has been on a charm offensive in Europe. The smile was stuck on immediately when he landed on European soil but probably disappeared when he could withdraw back onto Air Force One.

... you know that the rest of it is going to be a whiny piece of implied, non-substantive drivel. I mean probably disappeared? What sort of reporting is that? Who the hell knows what he did? He may have danced a jig, watched a film, killed a puppy or, shock, even smiled some more after knowning in full certainty that Europe doesn't figure much in future calculations.

The rest of the article is in the same style, even stretching back to Mondale's 1984 candidacy and what Barbara Bush apparently called Mrs Ferraro. Somehow, I know not how, the game the Bush's like to play of giving people nicknames (even back in 84 against a worthless loser of an opponent) is relevant to something. Even the the attibution is wrong (in this article it supposedly "rhymes with witch", in acutality it "rhymes with rich"), still what is a little accuracy when you are writing a hit-piece with no actual news in it other than what you think might happen on a plane.

The fact that Bush was smiling during his tour is somehow a deep insight. Other than that he often smiles, as do most politicians I can recall when out on the meet-and-greets. I mean, if it had been Clinton, who was also a big smiler, then would we have this speculation? Nope. We know he would still have the smile on Air Force One after finding the intern-of-the-week "onboard".

Christ, what dribble passes for analysis!


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