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March 21, 2005

Hardly News again

On the possible appointment of Wolfowitz to the World Bank, petulant writers in New Zealand are getting all panty-twisted, although I can't see how "Daily Show" and "piercing wit" actually go together in the same sentence, other than in The Compendium of Oxymorons...

More piercing wit from the Daily Show: this time on the White House's arrogant, insulting decision to propose Paul Wolfowitz as the new head of the World Bank. (On the basis, presumably, that he, er, has a bank account …). I see this as another episode in the war on expertise. I know that Hard News has in the past had readers at the World Bank - any anonymous comment on the mood inside the organisation is, of course, welcome.

Nevermind intelligent discourse, roll out the ad hominems!

Curiously, having just derided lack of expertise, not two paragraphs later we can read (on the subject of expatriate NZers and why the ones who stay away are implicitly evil):

And I thought Rod Oram had a very good point to make talking to Linda Clark last week: that even working for a large company in New Zealand is likely to be a matter of being a skilled generalist rather than a narrow specialist. And that even if it means some sacrifice, being a skilled generalist has its distinct compensations. Yes, I reckon.

Logical disconnect? Po, kettle, black? However you phrase it, it is all a load of bollocks.


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