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March 24, 2005

Greenie scares for making money

The Greenies love nothing more than banning things...

Environment Party wants mobile-free public transport
Mp vill ha mobilfri lokaltrafik

MILJÖPARTIET VILL förbjuda 3 G i lokaltrafiken. Enligt en expert är spårvagnar, bussar och tunnelbanevagnar rena strålningsfällan. – Strålningen studsar fram och tillbaka mellan väggarna, säger elmiljökonsulten Clas Tegenfeldt. Lena-Maj Anding (mp) i Stockholms län vill ha mobilfria vagnar så att det blir valfritt att utsätta sig för riskerna.

The Environment Party wants to forbid 3G in public transport. According to an expert trams, busses and subway cars are clear radiation traps. "The radiation bounces back and forwards between the walls," says electrical environment consultant Cals Tegenfeldt. Lena-Maj Andling (Environment Party) in Stockholm's county wants to have mobile-free carriages so that it is a choice to expose oneself to the risks.

Funny, but I ride these trams and busses all the time while using my mobile. Somehow, with all the radiation trapped in the carriage, it still works! I guess those big windows might have something to do with it. After all, mobile communications is in the gigahertz range so how big do the gaps have to be in the metal screen before it stops acting as a barrier? Quite small actually.

I like the last bit about pretending to give a choice. Why doesn't this sort of choice apply to smoking in bars and restaurants, where the ban is (or will be) universal? What are the chances of doubling the public transport traffic to give equal choice at the current level of service? Zero I'd say, after all which is worse... increased "greenhouse" emissions or being microwaved in a bus?

But Google up this Tegenfeldt fellow and you will find the first hit is, a company called "Better Electromagnetic Environment" that sells 'protective' equipment and services. Who owns it? Apparently one Mr Tegenfeldt.

Conflict of interest?


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