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March 08, 2005

Death to the colonial breast oppressors!

You know it is a slow-protest week when you get the likes of this, during Prince Charles' visit to New Zealand:

Bare-breasted protest for Prince Charles

Two women bared their breasts at Prince Charles today and a small group of protesters temporarily disrupted his royal visit using a megaphone to call him a parasite as he greeted 500 fans in central Wellington.

The group of six carried placards reading "honour the treaty" and "death to the monarchy".

Another waved a red flag with a picture of Argentinian-born Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara on it.

Ah yes, death to the monarchists, replace them with murderous thugs!

As Charles conducted a walkabout chatting with some of the 500 or so fans who had assembled to see him, clapping and cheering his arrival, the protesters called the prince a parasite and recited a history of what they believed were the wrongs done by the royal family.

Two women also exposed their breasts.

Obviously, breasts being the traditional protest towards a monarch-in-waiting.

Hannah Plant, 23, had "Get your colony shame off my breasts" written on her body but was quickly removed by police.

If anyone knows what on earth she is on about, leave a comment please!

Etc etc.

Lame you guys, seriously lame.


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