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March 21, 2005

Back in the kitchen with you!

A rather patronising article about youthful (female) classical liberals, er sorry radical right wingers. Apparently if you don't really remember the 80s you should have no political opinion other than left wing loony...

"There are people voting now for the first time whose whole life is post-reforms. They don't remember any of the callousness, and the brutality, with which they were imposed and are much more tolerant (of centre-right arguments)," Roberts says.

Nevermind what would have happened without reform... these kids are just too tolerant of the centre-right. The closing remark? A painfully patronising...

Something about the confident way she flicks her long blonde hair and asserts this aim as achievable tells you politics will be seeing more of her - and of the right.

Good lord, it was even written by a woman. No wonder these deluded kids reject the crap spouted by the left.

PS. Why, oh why, when these useless writers reference an online site or blog do they never, ever, put in a URL? Granted, some of these are printed articles but seriously, when these things are put online, would a little hyperlink be too much to ask? Anyway, here is The RIGHT Kind of Girl blog referenced in the article.


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