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February 09, 2005

You colonials all look the same to me!

Cherie Blair makes ultimate slip up in NZ speech

You can call us a lot of things. But not Aussies. Cherie Blair, wife of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, opened her Australasian speaking tour on Monday night with a spectacular gaffe, forgetting which country she was in.

Diners at the charity event in Auckland listened in shock as she confused New Zealand with Australia. Mrs Blair, who is charging a reported E125,000 (NZ$330,000) for her six-date tour of the two countries, then repeated the mistake.

"Calling us Australians was the worst faux pas you can imagine – and she did it twice," a businessman said. "I don't think she benefited herself with her presentation. It was boring. I give her a two out of 10."

More than 800 people paid up to $1000 a head to hear Mrs Blair speak at the dinner of prawns, rack of lamb and pistachio cheesecake.

"Cherie was very poor," said Caroline Canning, 34, an insurance executive. "She flogged her book, and for a woman of her credentials she could have had a lot more weight and talked about her work with human rights. Instead it was all about who painted which walls in Downing Street – peripheral crap.

"And for all the research she had done into the history of Downing Street, she hadn't found out which country she was in."

Chef Peta Mathias said: "I was expecting something more intellectual. I had no idea she would be talking about the book. Somebody at our table said it was all very safe, boring."


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