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February 07, 2005

Would all you racists please stop this instant!

Ending racism the key to NZ's future - Dame Silvia

New Zealand has to eliminate racism if it is to flourish and remain a good world citizen, Governor-General Dame Silvia Cartwright says.

Oh right! Pass a law, that will probably do the trick.

Though New Zealand was a multicultural nation, its foundation was bicultural – Maori and Pakeha. "Maori culture is New Zealand's indigenous culture. It has sprung from this land. It is something we all acknowledge, something we embrace, cherish and appreciate. What this culture means to us cannot be overstated."

Pakeha culture being, well from that great European nation of, um, Pakehaoslavia maybe. Because all those Scots, English, Poles, Dutch, French etc etc were really all the same culture and didn't create a culture that "sprung from the land". Unlike the Maori who arrived with no culture and spontaneously created one that was remarkably similar to other Pacific Islands at the time. No siree Bob. What a load of arse, talking about "eliminating racism" in one breath then uttering this load of crap in the next.

"The day is one of sharing, of remembering our fallen heroes with pride and sorrow at their sacrifice . . . I believe that one day Waitangi Day will attain a similar status. It will be seen not as a day of protest but of friendship, of sharing and of national pride. For many New Zealanders, it already is."

One might then ask, what are you banging on about?


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