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February 17, 2005

Who let the moonbats out?

Last night I saw a short bit of some current affairs show (on SVT2 I think, maybe SVT1). It was about the EU and the US. Yes, you know where it is going. Anyway, it was about how the EU has managed to slowly build up a peaceful coexistence based on not leaving anybody too far behind and all the usual socialist turd and how the US was spiralling into decay in its individualistic narcissism. Sigh, no one bothered to question HOW the EU had managed to achieve this or how it could have happened without an American army and nuclear arsenal facing down the Soviets for decades. Anyway, it was bye the bye since it was mostly based round interviews with... Jeremy Rifkin. Oh my fucking lord, how on earth do TV programs get away with parading people who have been renowned as moonbats for decades as legitimate commentators on global affairs?


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