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February 02, 2005

What is a Green libertarian anyway?

For a bit of a laugh search functions on web sites are a great tool. For instance, one could go to the NZ Green party and use the search to find all references to "libertarian". You will get precisely two hits. The first is an anti-smoking article, about why libertarian attitudes to smoking cannot be condoned. The second is from the 2002 AGM, entitled Party Hard, Party Vote Hard - Rod's speech to Green AGM. Not really very interesting except towards the end where the word libertarian appears:

We may be, as Chris Trotter said on the recent Assignment programme, the most red Green party in the world but we value the individual as much as society. We are communitarian, internationalist and libertarian all at the same time.

Buggar me with a fish-fork! He admits to being the most red-green party in the world, claims to be communitarian and internationalist and then... claims to be libertarian?!?!?!

Good lord! Communitarian internationalist - isn't that how you'd describe "soviet" nowadays if you didn't want to mention the word?

Mind you this is the party where one member (Keith Locke) described himself as a "Marxist eco-libertarian" (no trace online that I could find unfortunately).

Green libertarian = anything we want it to mean because it sounds better than "money-snatching, land-grabbing socialists" which would be a more apt description of what we are.

It isn't a coincidence that someone named Adolf had similar views on smoking.


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