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February 10, 2005

Swedish journalists must be impartial in foreign elections

I don't know if this is funny or not. It certainly seems odd that a journalist, reporting in a country with no influence on the election in the US, can't say such a thing. Is there really a necessity for impartiality in foreign elections? Or maybe this explains why no-one speaks out against "elections" in Zimbabwe, Palestine, Cuba and so on... must be impartial to the one-party states.

TV4 and Sweden's Radio judged guilty by Broadcasting Commission
TV4 och Sveriges Radio fälls av Granskningsnämnden (Göteborgs Posten)

The Broadcasting Commission has judged Sweden's Radio guilty of lacking impartiality when presenter Cecilia Uddén spoke about the presidential election in the USA on the program P1-morning.

... Cecilia Uddén was more positive towards John Kerry than George Bush ...

Cecilia Uddén (previously the USA correspondent) said during a guest speech at the Journalism School in Göteborg that she didn't realise that she had broken the requirements on impartiality whe she opined that "Kerry would be better for the world than Bush". Uddén says that there is a difference between impartiality and subjective journalism.


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