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February 14, 2005

Red-Green Blues

Taking no heed of trends in other English speaking democracies the leftist whack-jobs in NZ:

Greens set sights on pushing Labour left

Because, that will work where it has failed miserably in similar countries like Australia and the US.

"Only the Greens can re-inject the spirit of the millennium and the vision for a fairer, gentler, cleaner society into what has become a tired, rudderless government."

Should have known they were millenialists at heart. And what spirit of the millenium? Terrorism?

Repeating several times that "we can do better", she said the Greens would press for more state housing, a higher minimum wage, extra help for beneficiaries, a cap on tertiary fees, an allowance equal to the dole for fulltime students and assistance for low-paid people without children.

We can do better in giving out election bribes than anyone else, because we have no show of implementing these. Hell, free jellybeans for everyone! For life!!

"Someone needs to stand up for and speak for these voiceless people."

Can't the mutes just write down what they want?

The Greens shared New Zealand's values, measuring wellbeing by the quality of life, not just by the size of the economy. "For many Kiwis, gdp has come to stand for greed, division and pollution."

Oh oh, the sheer artistry of his clever prose! quality of life being measured by... ??? Remember girls, its not how big it is but what you do with it. And how many people believe that? It does sound vaguely reminiscent of 1930's Germany... we can unify the divided people, punish the greedy capitalists and ban smoking and other nasty things destroying our beautiful father land.

"In 1999 we were the sexy party. In 2002 some found us scary. This year, I want us to reinforce that we are both serious and stable. I want us to stand on our record. I want to leave voters in no doubt that we are ready for the responsibility of government."

In other words, in 1999 we were new and fresh on the scene and people fell for the tree-cuddling fluffy bunnies. In 2002 they had seen what a pack of whack-jobs we really were, ranging from doped out hippies to Nazi inspired zero-growthers to conspiracy mad anti-everything Marxists. This year (did we mention it was election year and the free jellybeans?) we only hope they don't consign us to history by voting us under 5% and out of contention.

The Greens had been instrumental in passing 20 bills, including those establishing the Supreme Court and Maori television.

Two enormous, unnecessary and hugely expensive white elephants. We pass the bills, you pay 'em.

Morons. In the article directly before this one there was:

National closing the gap on Labour

The One News/Colmar Brunton survey, taken last week when National was reeling from Mrs Rich's dumping, shows Labour down three points at 44 per cent from a similar poll in December. National is up four points to 39 per cent.
The five-point gap contrasts with an average 10-point lead for Labour in recent months.

... The Greens were down one at 4 per cent ...

Yeah baby, move further left, no one will stop you! Stay below 5% and say buh-bye!


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