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February 02, 2005

Oil painting taken down after Muslim protests

Oil painting taken down
Oljemålning plockas ned (Metro, Göteborg ed.)

Världskulturmuseet i Göteborg tog ned ”Scène d’amour” efter muslimska protester.

The World Culture Museum in Göteborg took down "Scène d’amour" after Muslim protests.

You can see the picture at the link above. Artisitic in a modern sense, challenging and all that I guess it would be described as. The issue?

Oljemålningen ”Scène d’amour” föreställer en man och en kvinna i samlagsställning och över paret löper en text på arabiska tagen ur Koranen.

The oil painting "Scène d’amour" represents a man and a woman having sexual intercourse and over the pair runs a text in Arabic taken from the Koran.

Oh the humanity. The painting is part of a display on HIV/AIDS at the museum. The article doesn't say what the Arabic text reads.

Nej, vi tar ned tavlan eftersom den skapade en diskussion som handlade om något annat än aidsproblematiken. Den tar bort uppmärksamhet från den viktiga fråga som utställningen handlar om.

No, we took down the painting because it produced a discussion about something other than the AIDS problem. It takes attention away from the important question which the exhibition deals with.

Uh huh, uh huh. Right, whipped down the day after complaints from Muslim groups who felt "violated" by the painting.

The painting is to be replaced by another from the same artist. Maybe one that shows someone with a pair of balls?


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