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February 11, 2005

North Korea, The New York - er Stockholm - Times reports

Irrational dictator threatens world
Irrationell diktatur utmanar världen (Dagens Nyheter opinion piece)

The USA has chosen the opposite way and plans to modernise its arsenal. "This program sends a clear message to the rest of the world", writes the New York Times. "Now when the arms race between two super-powers has ended, Washington sees nuclear weapons as an important part of its military strategy against small and medium sized states."

It should, continues the paper, "not come as any surprise that these lands make the decision that they must develop their own nuclear weapons".

This is the sort of tripe you get when you report from the New York Times. It is historically and facutally so completely inverted that it makes no sense, heaven forbid the author try and think it through a bit before copying what some party hack in NY wrote.

Towards the end we get:

This involves hard disarmament requirements should be combined with promises of aid and normalised relations. This has, with respect to Libya's decision to halt development, shown that pressure isn't enough. There must also be political options for the state in question to co-operate with.

What the hell? This is exactly the policy followed with the North Koreans up until now! God save us from idiots like this. And, if I didn't miss it, Libya gave up its program AFTER the invasion of Iraq and the toppling of Saddam. In other words it has only been the effective show of force that has convinced Ghaddafi to think twice about the whole deal. And these morons want to let NK continue on its merry way lying and cheating to get what they want, while still developing nukes??? Can we please get some journalists who can do more than read the NY Times and republish drivel contained therein???


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