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February 11, 2005

No free lunch but...

Free Auckland buses a possibility

Oh the insanity...

RAM wants funding diverted from roading projects to pay for the introduction of thousands of new buses which would be fare-free and frequent and would run throughout the region.

Fare-free, frequent and over the whole region? And also staffed by pigs with wings presumably. Although I suspect "the region" would be carefully defined to be two inner city streets and the school that the council members' children attend.

Manukau Mayor Sir Barry Curtis said the concept was promising but the implications needed to be explored.

Like, where can one house a white elephant?

Botany-Clevedon councillor Dick Quax and Howick Councillor Jami-Lee Ross voted against the resolution.
Mr Quax said buses were part of the solution to Auckland's traffic problems, but not the answer.
"These are not free busses. They are already heavily subsidised, as is all public transport in the Auckland region. The cost of this would be absolutely incredible."

What the hell? A councillor with a brain?

"Government officials say even if public transport was free it would only have a 3 per cent reduction in traffic volume.
"The simple reason for that is there is nothing as convenient as the motor vehicle. There is nothing being proposed that is even close to the convenience of the private motor vehicle," Mr Quax said.

Hmmm, taking into account what people want... how did this man get elected??? Auckland is a huge sprawl with people moving in a wide variety of directions to get to work, there is no centralised pattern so the 3% impact reflects that. People won't use it.

Pakuranga councillor David Collings supported the resolution
"While I'm a little bit of a cynic like Mr Quax. I do think we have to try.

The definition of a cynic being, well, who has any idea in this case:

"The problem in this region is there's one person in each car, so every person we get in a bus is one car off the road," Mr Collings said.

Ah the real agenda! Why not just dismantle the roads?


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