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February 03, 2005

New "job" for Bubba

New job for Bill Clinton
Nytt jobb för Bill Clinton (Göteborgs Posten, Britt-Marie Mattsson)

[Most of the article repeats what is found elsewhere]

Of Clinton's post-presidency job searching:

Att hitta ett arbete på lämplig nivå är inte helt enkelt.

Finding work at an appropriate level is not easy.

The UN should be about the right level I'd imagine. He can't be any worse than say, oh, Kofi during his time in Rwanda or, more aptly, "peacekeepers" guarding underage girls in Africa.

Inom FN riktas blickarna redan framåt mot när Annan avgår från sin post om knappt två år. Det finns många som skulle vilja se Bill Clinton som hans efterträdare, nu när han tagit steget in i FN-familjen.

Within the UN eyes are already looking forward to when Annan leaves his post in just under two years. There are many who would like to see Bill Clinton as his replacement, now that he has taken a step into the UN family.

"Would like" being the operative phrase, they might also like Santa Claus or Mr Hanky the Christmas Poo. Both of which are just as likely. Why are journalists so woefully ignorant? The USA is a permanent UN Security Council member with a veto, according to the rules a US citizen cannot be General Secretary. Therefore Billy-boy cannot be General Secretary. I guess they might change the rules for Bubba, but I doubt it. A little research wouldn't go astray in these articles you know.


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