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February 15, 2005

Let them eat cake!

Who would have thought that imposing a high minimum wage could actually cost jobs for the vulnerable???

Fears new legislation could cost disabled people their jobs

It is feared the legislation, which would compel disabled workshops to pay the minimum wage, could cost many disabled people their jobs, and with it, their self-worth.
"Minister Dyson said there had been consultation ads in the newspaper, but the people who are affected can't read the paper. They haven't come to the people most affected and that's not right.
"Repeal of the (act) will require people to be assessed as to their working capability to see whether they have to be paid full or part- time wages, or given a wage exemption.
"If (the Sheltered Workshops) can't afford the extra funds for wages, that will mean some people being told they no longer have a job."

Ms Dyson was reported last night as saying there had been plenty of opportunity of consultation.

There was plenty of opportunity, we published the public notice in the Southland Pig Farmers Annual Newsletter. What, you mean most of these disabled people don't read that? Oh well, all my friends on the Labour Party Wine-Tasting Committee agreed it was a fine idea to get all those poor helpless people more money and help make them vote for Labour. Oh, what was that? They are all unemployed now and chronically depressed and living on benefits? Same difference I guess, I'm sure they are too stupid to realise they were rogered by Labour.


  • I live in Oregon state, in the United States of America. It happens to be one of the cheapest states in the Union to live in, but a recent ballot measure (overwhelmingly supported by Portland city, and only passed because of them) recently passed a huge increase in the minimum wage. The minimum wage in this cheap state is now $2US higher than it is in New York, New York.

    Result: Despite a weakened dollar, which ought to be great for the macroeconomic outlook of a state whose primary businesses involve the manufacture and export of industrial and agricultural equipment and commodities, Oregon now has the highest unemployment of any state in the Union. Oh, and Portland city (the Rose City, my ass), which overwhelmingly supported the change? Now has the highest unemployment of any American city.

    By Anonymous Jon Thompson, at 9:26 pm  

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