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February 03, 2005

It's all about MEEEEEE!

Grass Roots is the NZ Green party "youth" newsletter. It hasn't been published since 2003, so maybe they all grew up or something. Anyway, the 2003 issue demonstrates what Green party politics is all about.

The banner headline:

This is OUR Vietnam!

That's right. MEEEE! MY Vietnam! Except it's Iraq and not quite the same at all.

In it we find gems such as

The Greens are staunch peace advocates and do not support this invasion, UN sanctioned or not.

Elsewhere you will find Green criticism of the war because it was not UN backed, but of course that is a mere convenient byline.

If there was ever a time to become politically active it’s now. Do we really want to have this mass murder by invasion, and mass destruction by economic stealth, committed in our name? Hell no!

Funny, but I don't remember this being about dopey politicians or the youth of NZ, or it being about anything remotely resembling that. But, in the green-tinged fringes of reality it is all about MEEEEE!!!

One of the big problems with trying to get people into demos and protests is that many are boring. Shouting ancient slogans is not deeply inspiring. We have to get a bit oblique about this stuff, take a more fun and captivating approach.

Of course on problem could be, just maybe, that people don't buy the slogans that were deceitful 30 years ago. If people aren't energised by the issue itself then maybe you are missing the point?

In an unrelated section we have another wee gem of a rant by Nandor Tanczos (sometimes unkindly referred to as Tandoori Nachos by the more dyslexic of critics).

It’s weird watching beer companies cashing-in on the dance culture. From Heinekin [sic] DJs to DB billboards of sexy people on the dance floor, they are desperate to show that they’re down with the ‘youf’, and that ‘youf’ will be even ‘cooler’ if they drink their brand.
Yeah right! One of the great things about dance parties is the realisation that it isn’t necessary to get pissed to have a good time .

Can you find a more classic piece of leftist elitist drivel? The "dance culture" which has become more steadily mainstream since the mid 90s is somehow off-limits to advertisers. At least he could have spelt Heineken right, and what is wrong with Heineken DJs I wonder. There are after all Green Party DJs (with the initials of NT) who are also pushing their (somewhat more fringe) brand, aren't their Nandor? Of course it isn't necessary to get pissed, I never got pissed to go to these things either, but then I didn't do the drugs or smoke the weed that Mr Tanczos is so fond of either. The deliciously ironic part of it all is that while castigating companies for advertising to "youf", Mr Tanczos himself is the post-40 youth icon of the Green party.


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