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February 08, 2005

Honestly officer, I bought it off the back of a pack of cornflakes

Further to the high distinction awarded to Prime Minister Persson of Sweden in the weekend, Dagens Nytheter is now carrying an article entitled:

Persson's doctorate suspected bribery

(Perssons doktorshatt misstänkt mutbrott)

Seems that the original degree citation is

"Genom att utse högskolan i Örebro till universitet 1999 visade statsminister Göran Persson prov på såväl mod som förutseende genom att förstå och stödja den potential och vitalitet som Örebro universitet representerar."

"By the promotion of the college in Örebro to a university in 1999, prime minister Göran Persson qualified by showing both bravery and foresight through understanding and supporting the potential and vitality which Örebro university represents."

Uh huh. Honorary doctorates have always been somewhat dubious. But this is a total load of crap. One hopes that there will be some political damage to the social democrats, but I think everyone expects them to be corrupt anyway.


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