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February 18, 2005

Greenies not so free speaking

The NZ Greens are about to embark on their national tour trying to drum up the student vote at "orientation weeks" on campuses around the country.

However, some opponent MPs question the suitability of their press releases:

United Future Marc Alexander says it’s now becoming clear why the Green Party has become absolutely irrelevant to serious politics in this election year.
Responding to a Greens media release today, Mr Alexander noted, “It trumpets the upcoming two-week tour of the nation’s campuses during which MP’s Nandor Tanczos and Metiria Turei will talk to students and party, while Ms Turei is apparently going ‘f**k some s**t up’ and have a good time.”
“This is the same party whose co-leader said it was serious and wanted to work with Labour in Government and whose other co-leader promptly slagged off Labour and the Prime Minister and said the Greens would drag Labour to the left.
“I have no problem with Mr Tanczos taking his skateboard around the country and partying, but I believe he should do so in his own time and at his own expense.
Similarly, Ms Turei – who appears to have been mysteriously renamed ‘Meyt’ in the press release – can ‘f**k all the ‘s**t’ she wants, but I fail to see why the taxpayer should fund her peculiar activities.

So off we toddle to the Greens web site and find the appropriate release, and what does it say?

Green MPs Nandor Tanczos and Metiria Turei will spend the next two weeks speaking and partying with students on campuses up and down the country. Nandor and Meyt start their two-week, eight-city Orientation Tour in Wellington on Monday. “Students know that tertiary education is not just an election year issue for the Greens,” Nandor, Green Tertiary Education Spokesperson said. “As the only party which has consistently spoken out about the concerns of students for the past five years, we’re looking to get input back from students about how we’re doing. “I am looking forward to meeting as many students as possible so I make sure the Party is still on point.” Nandor said he was expecting tertiary education to be a huge election issue this year. “This Government has tinkered but we know that New Zealand can do better. The Greens will campaign alongside students to keep the pressure on for a universal student allowance, an emergency unemployment benefit over summer, and a cap on student fees.” Meyt said she was expecting the two-week tour to be a lot of fun. “It is crucial to have a philosophy of life as you travel through your future. For me it is very simple: there is no point doing anything if you’re not going to have a good time in the process.

Curious. There she is called Meyt, expecting to have some fun, but no mention of "fucking some shit up". I guess the Greens aren't the freewheeling devil-may-care free thinkers they profess to be. Hardly surprising.

The philosophy she espouses is rather vacuous and selfish:

there is no point doing anything if you’re not going to have a good time in the process

Well, could you find a more childish outlook on life? No, I didn't think so. But then, it is better than fucking shit I suppose (unless you are into that sort of thing). It's no wonder the party counts on the hippy crowd and regularly polls less than they expect, after all getting up on election-weekend mornings to vote is probably not all that much of a good time.


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