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February 09, 2005

The doctor is feeling a little queasy

One can only hope that it leads to something like yesterday's conservative victory in the election in Denmark (Socialist leader resigns after election loss).

Proud doctor doesn't want to comment
Stolt doktor vill inte kommentera (Göteborgs Posten)

Göran Persson is not commenting on the storm about his honorary doctorate - but he is proud of it.

... Just as the title indicates I felt very honored - and still feel very honored, said the Prime Minister...

... It is not a decision he himself has made, rather the faculty at Örebro university ...

... There is no reason at all to question the decision which others have made and which I myself cannot affect, said a clearly irritated Göran Persson who walked away.

Persson's doctorate to be investigated
Krav pa att Perssons doktorshatt utreds (Metro, Göteborg ed.)

Is Prime Minister Persson guilty of bribery after being awarded an honorary doctorate from Örebro university? The question is to be considered by the "national criminal corruption unit" after a complaint from the "Institute against bribery"...

Honorary doctor Persson reported for bribery
Hedersdoktor Persson anmäls för mutbrott (Dagens Nyheter)

... It is seldom that there is such a clear connection [between perks and services], says Thorsten Cars [from the "Institute against bribery"] ...


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