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February 18, 2005

Divide and conquer?

Well Sweden is about to get yet another political party, this time a feminist party which of course lies far to the left, way out there in moonbat country:

Feminist Party ready for launch
Feministparti klart att lanseras (Göteborgs Posten)

The party has a leftist profile and the previous Left Party leader Gudrun Schyman will be the party's formost representative.

According to historian Åsa Linderborg, who is a past member of the Left Party, there are many well-known feminists within Gudrun Schymans network. There are Maria-Pia Boëthius, Ebba Witt-Brattström, Anna-Klara Bratt, older women from "Stödstrumporna" [support-stockings?] and young women from the alternative movement, as well as very many gender researchers of all ages and disciplines.

Kalle Larsson [Left Party leader in the national assembly] doesn't see the Feminist initiative as a threat to the Left Party. "Rather I see it as something that can enrich the political debate and further advance important questions and hopefully also bring results. It will be exciting to have discussions and undertake common activities with such a party."

But he also sees drawbacks. One problem is the fight for women voters on the left could mean that one of the parties doesn't get into the national assembly and thereby "make the bed" for a conservative victory.

Gudrun Schyman is the politician who recently proposed a "man tax" to be levied on men to somehow combat violence against women. Great idea that is, as if men are some homogeneous unit that somehow has collective responsibility for what the aresholes in society do. Anyway, it is rather amusing to watch the squirming of the Left Party (aka communists). Here they have an ex-party leader starting up in direct competition and they "welcome" the new party because of the chance for discussions and common action. Uh, yeah. Like then why has the party split over this then? Why has she found it necessary to scarper and create a new party? Of course leftists never get on in reality. Just look at history: National Socialists vs. Communists, Trotskyites vs. Stalinists, Soviets vs. Maoists, North Koreans vs. everyone, etc etc etc. And the differences? Hardly anything except for who wants to be holding the reins of power and dictating terms.

I wonder how many women are actually attracted to a "Feminist Party" that lies so far to the extreme left? Most women, so it seems in other countries, tend to vote more conservatively. But then how many women are interested in "gender research" when it is thinly disguised pomo crap.

It is amusing that such parties always lie to the far left when most women are far more centrist, who do they appeal to? Surely not the average working woman, mother, wife, partner or whatever. They like everyone else have a life full of compromises and don't usually seem to be into bashing men. This party of course claims to be about equal rights for all, but then what is the point of being called a "feminist" party, it is sheer sophistry to suggest that this includes equality between sexes. Sure, they dress it up as rights for all etc etc. But then why lie so far to the left, why name yourself that, why not campaign as libertarians? Oh yeah, they aren't interested in liberty or freedom, rather revenge, oppression and control. As all leftists are.


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