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February 11, 2005

Corruption - a faimly affair?

Ethics professor believes Steen knew about bribery
Etikprofessor tror att Steen kände till mutorna (Dagens Nyheter)

Systembolagets chief, Anitra Steen, bears responsibility for the bribery tangle within the company, according to professor of ethics Hans de Geer. He believes that Steen knew about branch managers taking bribes from suppliers.

Systembolaget is the state alcohol monopoly, apparently every fifth store manager was/is on the take. Anitra Steen is the wife of Prime Minister Göran Persson, currently tangled in his own corruption scandal (see previous posts). Socialist monopolies, nepotism, corruption, need we say more? One can wonder about the proprietary of a prime ministerial spouse running a state company, but not here. Christ, if this was George W and Laura was the boss of a large state run enterprise you wouldn't hear the end of it. But this? Just to be expected I assume, even in a country where the papers regularly blither on about Halliburton and oil. Sigh.


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