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February 24, 2005

Clueless is as clueless does

Was skimming round NZ blogs and came across Hard News, written by one Russell Brown who if memory serves writes/wrote for the Listener (a rather non-centrist publication useful mostly only for weekly TV listings). For entertainment there is nothing better than reading blogs leading up to the US election with entries getting more and more excited about how Kerry is going to win according to all the latest flashy Zogby polls (uh huh) and how looking at the criticisms of Kerry's military record et al really evaporate on close inspection (bwa ha ha ha). Then after the day the conspiracy theories about exit polls not agreeing with final results (clue, idiot, exit polls are not election results, people fib, polls taken early in the day are biased and so forth), how mean Bush is to gays, why Karl Rove is an evil genius for getting fundies to vote (you mean they are allowed to???) and how the voting machines were rigged (yeah, from the govt that couldn't cover up the "atrocities" of Abu Ghraib comes a conspiracy where no-one at all spills the beans about a nation wide voting scam). Should really be called Hardly News. It is amazing how "professional" journalists can be so totally useless. I mean, here am I, a NZer living in Sweden, been to America a couple of times, atheist, doctorate in science, reasonably tolerant and balanced and I predicted six months before the election that Bush would win and that it'd be a shit load better than if Cambodia-Kerry won.

But really, when you call your column Hard News and a preset search called war looks for "war" and "Rumsfeld" what more can you expect? Idiot.


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