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February 17, 2005

The Borkian nexus

The Swedish PM, Göran Persson, was this week in NZ. The NZ PM, Helen Clark, was unsurprisingly near orgasmic over a visit from a kindred socialist spirit. NZ went through market reforms in the late-80s early-90s, some of the most far reaching ever performed by a government (interestingly the government was a Labour one in which Clark was an MP). The reforms were necessary, NZ was on the point of economic collapse. It was of course painful for a while but then things picked up and everyone is much better off (no-one can now imagine waiting 3 months for a phone connection). But now Helen is in charge she wants to wind back the clock so to speak, be more like Sweden as she puts it. The Institute of Liberal Values in NZ has a series of interesting articles about this topic, about how misrepresentative Lady Clark is being of Sweden (ie it achieved its wealth before the welfare state started to bite and is now having to wind it back). Among the most interesting is this one, which details how Sweden is, far from Helen's dream, moving away from what she aspires to towards a deregulated system with less government control (it has a long way to go though before the thieving hand of the socialists is out of most people's pockets).


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