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February 23, 2005

Apples vs oranges, Cops vs nurses

Here is the result (in NZ) of socialist follies in attempting to value different job categories:

Teachers with eight years experience will earn about $4000 less a year than nurses with five years experience under a new pay scheme ratified yesterday.

Oh my god! No! Err, what the hell?

The pay increase of between 20 and 30 per cent – which will mean nurses earn more after five years than a police constable of equivalent experience – will be introduced over the next 16 months.

OK, I'll bite. How exactly DO you compare a nurse to a cop?

A teacher with at least eight years experience will earn $58,327, while after five years a registered nurse will earn $62,100 (including penal rates) per year. A police constable will earn $55,239 after five years.

Well, some numbers. Very nice. Significant of anything in particular? No.

The increase was sought to ensure nurses earned salaries equal to police and teachers, who were perceived to have the same social value, Harre said.

Ah, the true agenda revealed.

Both nurses and police advance automatically while teachers have to meet performance measures to move up.

Heaven forbid a good nurse or pc is advanced according to ability. Killed 20 people last year through blinding negligence? No worries mate, here is your pay rise.

What exactly is wrong with paying these people the same way as everyone else? Oh yes, the market is nasty and might lead to useless employees getting less money.


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