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February 22, 2005

Accentuate the negative, eliminate the positive...

It is amazing what you can not find out by reading the national papers...

Rocket man gives up rebellion to put the Taliban on road to peace

One of the Taliban's most senior and charismatic commanders has become a key negotiator as more and more members of the Islamic militia in Afghanistan give up the fight against the Americans.

In the Swedish papers the latest Afghan reference is reporting on clueless Bush protests, complete with obligatory uncomprehending-child-holding-protest-banner photo (really, why do people think sticking a child in front of a camera is more convincing?)

... Se vad hans utrikespolitik inneburit i Irak och Afghanistan ...
... See what his foreign policy means in Iraq and Afghanistan ...

A pointless article on al Qaeda threats

and about the cold.

Analysis about the collapse of the Taleban? Not on your life Jimmy! That would be, well, positive.


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