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January 28, 2005

Tick only one box please

Orback investigates registration of ethnic groups
Orback utreder registrering av etniska grupper (Dagens Nyheter)

Etnisk registrering kan komma att införas i Sverige, berättar integrationsminister Jens Orback. En utredning undersöker saken och Orback har själv inte tagit slutlig ställning i frågan. Han berättar att många romer och judar är emot.

Ethnic registration could be introduced in Sweden, says integrations minister Jens Orback. An investigation is underway and Orback has himself not taken a final position on the question. He says that many jews and gypsies are against it.

Unsurprising that jews and gypsies are against it. However, this registration is apparently supposed to be like that in English speaking countries where you can specify your ethnicity on various forms and applications. However, I think in most of these cases it isn't "registered" with the government. This move is supposed to help in combatting "structural discrimination", ie it is hard for immigrants to find jobs. I can't really see how it will help. The curious thing is that all references to ethnicity are generally disallowed in official Swedish business to remove discrimination, news reports never contain a reference to the ethnicity of a crime suspect for instance.

The bigger problem in Sweden as far as I can tell is not racism in general, but that it is so bloody hard to employ and fire people that jobs generally are found through non-advertised routes. That is, you have to know someone who knows someone or else get very lucky. Unsurprisingly new immigrants have no network to use. Beyond getting employed it is so hard to get rid of staff that employers are extremely risk averse and will take on only people with good references which again means having an existing network. So it becomes "structural discrimination" which is much easier for socialists to "deal with" by accusing employers of racism than freeing up the labour market. After all, the immigrants would soon be employed if there was a shortage of workers. But then there wouldn't be much of a poor immigrant underclass for governments of a leftist stripe to buy votes from.


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